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During a Washington, DC residency week long seminar and course, America’s and the World’s brightest and most talented and gifted student leaders gather to study, network, excel and develop their skills for careers and futures in law, public policy, government and public service. From being their high school debate captain to being a National Honor Society member, our students are devoted to academics, youth leadership, and current events.

Our academic summer camps are divided into two different weekly sessions. Each weekly session will host the top 100 students per class of America’s and the World’s best! During the week, the students are grouped in teams to work on policy issues of their choice. This intensive project includes crafting, advocating, messaging and drafting legislation. At the completion of the weekly session, the students’ completed legislative proposal is sent and presented to appropriate federal Congressman and US Senators.

Each day of the week long seminar is dedicated to national and international policy topics including: Foreign Relations, Legislative Branch Breakout, The Administration and the Judiciary Branch.

Students are selected for participation based on a competitive application process due May 15, 2013. The Academy Admission Council will announce both 2013 classes of the National and International students June 30, 2013 with a national press release scheduled for June 30, 2013.

The National Youth Leadership Camp and Academy is dedicated to gathering America’s and the World’s best gifted students and showcasing and preparing them for the future.

International Students

National Students 

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